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Akash Sesame Oil

Ami Oil Mill has been successfully growing in the business of processing Akash Sesame Oil that is extracted using an innovative methods and sophisticated techniques in order to ensure the improved-quality Oil. The company has been successful in establishing itself as a prominent Manufacturer & Exporter from India. As it is the quality and innovation in processing technology that have led the company pretty close to the top Refined Sesame Oil Exporter from India. The company processes different colors of sesame oil especially golden also known as til while retaining the natural composition of oils including essential nutrients like vitamins, fats and calories. The premium quality of oil is a matter of great importance for the company. Therefore, it has high-tech processing unit as well as quality-testing equipment in order to make sure that the better quality of Akash Til Oil is exported in conformity with food regulation requirement. Product Features : Complete focus attributed to the processing Extraction of oil from top-varieties seeds Refinement of oil by mans of efficient solvent extraction techniques Considering the natural composition of seeds while processing Having application in cooking and Ayurvedic medicine

Sesame Oil

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