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Ami Oil Mill

Filtered Coconut Oil

With the aim of producing best-in-the-quality Filtered Coconut Oil, Ami Oil Mill has been striving to off and on assess and optimize its processing techniques and technology. Since 1949 it has been successfully manufacturing and exporting Coconut Oil that is used as constituting material in the production of cosmetics, confectionery goods, soap, etc. Its about seven decades of existence, experience and expertise have been marked down as a leading manufacturer and exporter by many satisfied clients, in India and overseas. The company has been admired and preferred not only for its product quality but also the commitment to ethical business. As the company is in agro produce industry, that deals with health of the people, so its responsibility is to strictly maintain a comprehensive quality parameters in order to ensure the production of premium quality Filtered Coconut Oil, responding to the compliance of regulatory requirement. Product Features : Quality compliance with global standards Production conformity to the WHO guidelines Oil extracted from high-grade coconut Having different application cosmetic and food Employment of both dry & wet processing methods Filtration and refinement through heating & other techniques

Coconut Oil 5kg

Atil Oil 15kg