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Ami Oil Mill

Refine Coconut Oil

Ami Oil Mill makes every effort to better the quality standards and employ an innovative processing mechanism to produce high-grade Refined Coconut Oil that is widely used across the world because of its purity and being free from dust microbes and other alien substance. By means of its proficient employees and high-tech processing facilities, the company has efficiently managed to ensure the better quality and dependable market repute that considerable help the company in forming a strong business bond with its clients. High-quality Refined Coconut Oil for commercial application and human consumptions, is on demand in both Indian and global markets. The company has been proposed to improve processing activities including extracting, refining and deodorizing in order to get clean, pure filtrate oil that is considered to be most consumed and preferred form of coconut oils that is available in bottles, sachets and large pack. Product Features : Extracted from high-quality dried coconut Processed with the help of modern techniques Rich in protein and fiber Retaining natural coconut aroma and taste Complying with requirement of food and drugs norms Ensuring high purity and hygiene

Refine Coconut Oil 15Kg